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This video was searched by millions of followers of Anjali Arora and seems exactly as she seems exactly like her. Also, she recently put a story about her and DSP Nihkil Sharma vaishno devi temple travel trip pic and the man in video almost looking like him. As seen in the video, Anjali rubbes her pussy on camera and asks Nikhil to come and have sex with her. He adjusted the camera at a good angle and removed her clothes.
After a few minutes playing with her pussy, she rubs Nikhil's dick with lubricant and her other hand on her pussy. They are both naked now and looking like a camera. First, Anjali Arora gets fucked in missionary style. He pulls her legs to his side and inserts his dick in her. He holds her waist tight and gives strong shots, but not lubricant enough. They stop and rub more lubricant on his dick and now Anjali poses in doggystyle. He holds her and inserts his dick in her and gives good shots while holding her long hair.
After some time, they adjusted the angle so it could look good on camera. A few minutes after fucking her in doggystyle, Nikhil asks Anjali to change pose. Now he sits in bed and asks her to sit on his dick. Anjali Arora sits in a reverse cowgirl pose and jumps on dick fast. He makes her jump faster while holding her big boobs. She jumps for a few minutes as fast as she can and then she stops for lubricant.
Anjali Arora puts some lubricant on her pussy and some on Nikhil's dick. Now Nihkil sleeps in bed so Anjali can ride his dick. Anjali then jumps on his dick like a cowgirl and rides like she is riding some kind of horse. She was holding his hands for support and riding as fast as she could. Anjali made Nikhil squeeze her boobs and ride. She mourned loudly and looked at the roof. As soon as she tires of riding, she stands and sleeps on the bed so DSP Nikhil can ride her now. Nikhil rides her pussy in missionary as fast as he can until he cums in her pussy. He wipes his cum on his dick with his t-shirt and gives her it to wipe. They talk for a while and smile at each other and Nihkil shuts down the camera.

What is Kacha Badam girl's name?
Kacha badam viral video girl's name is Anjali Arora. She is a tiktoker and instagram user who has millions of followers. Her kacha badam video got millions of followers. She set a trend as other users also made videos of a kacha badam song with her moves.

Anjali Arora's Viral Video Fake or Real?
The girl in the video looks the same as "Kacha badam" girl Anjali Arora, but this video is 10 years old. It was uploaded to XHamster site 10 years back with a different name. Recently she posted a picture with DSP Nikhil Shram in which she said thank you. After that, this video went viral as Anjali Arora and DSP Nihkil Sharma Sex Video. As the video is in low clarity and blurred, we can't see properly and it's too old. As it is 10 years old, we can surely say it's a fake video.

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Wow kya baat hai years
bohat he ala ho gaya kya baat hai years hamay b away k mazay daye duo ham b mazay kar laye yr kya ass hai maza he maza or yr kya is ki phussy hai Sach ma bohat maza aya ho ga uncle ko wait o Maggi kr di 😑 😆 😄 😅 😉 😂 😑 😆 😄 😅 😉 😂 yr kach badam hray pass b a jo jism tu ap ka sab nay dekh he liya hai ab Mia Khalifa k sath kaam shru kar do ap ka maza b purana ho jaye ga or ap ko pasay b milay gaye ma Acha muswara daye raha hu zaya mat karna I love ❤️ your asss and phussy